Kpop Song of the Week 8Eight’s No Heart (by Kpop SOTD)

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Kpop MV of the Week SPICA’s Russian Roulette (by Kpop SOTD)

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8Eight’s No Heart Kpop song of the week.

Kpop Song/Music Video of the Week.

Sawwy all of my followers….

but since I started my new job and work all day and because I am so busy and can no longer make a video or anything like that every day I will make a kpop song and music video once a week. Because this is how I end up being at the end of the day every day. Haha. 

Kpop MVOTD F.I.X’s 픽스 - 말하지마 (Please don’t say) (by Kpop SOTD)

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For My Bestie George (Allie)

These two pictures are for my friend George (Allie). One of them may not be kpopie but she posted  kpop pictures for me. So I decided to return the favor by posting a geeky picture for her. ^.^


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When Watching New MV


First you’re all like “hm.. what’s it gonna be like?”

You click the play button

And you’re all like

Then like

Finally like

And once it’s over you’re all like “AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN”

Because it was

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Kpop MVOTD Alexander’s I Just (by Kpop SOTD)